Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Magnify The One Within...

I love to talk about God.
Whether there’s someone to talk to or not…I’d talk to myself any chance I get.
When you see me smiling to myself with tears in my eyes, I’m remembering how He found me…

Before now, life was routine. I was one of those who knew God, the way I knew how…
Also, I was one who couldn’t wrap my head around why someone would cry while praying to God or calling Jesus. And I didn’t understand why I should love God, even when I didn’t feel like it. Much more, believe that He's actually interested in all that concerns me. I just didn't get it. For me, it was… ‘I fear God…period!’

But one day, one night, one moment… He crept up on me. I like to describe it this way, ‘He stealthily took out my old heart and replaced it with a new one.’ See, this was a period in my life, when things had gotten somewhat stagnated; I had a pile of dreams I didn’t know how to achieve, I was in a relationship that was spiraling out of control, I was lost and didn’t even know it. I needed more...

So, day after day, I would pray flaccidly for God to fix these things, I thought I was 'lacking'. But He did more. He fixed me. And He went further to make this ‘one-time-shy-girl’ a woman so whole in Him, that now she cannot shut up. If you’d let me, I would talk about God to a wall. My love for Him now has grown even beyond my own comprehension.

I met with my friend for lunch yesterday. And each time I meet with her or we talk, I remember how we we got here. Growing up, we were different in every way, barely got along, it just felt like we were constantly shoved in the same direction, I didn't see why, she probably didn't... but somehow…years passed. You see, when God begins to do something in your life, He doesn’t necessarily explain why. When He starts to strategically put certain people in your life, at certain points in your life…you don’t understand until you start to see the beautiful side. He is the Force that brings it all into perspective.

For me, God knew that to run with my faith, I’d need to be surrounded by friends who are equally grounded in Him. So, now when I meet or talk with my friends, before we say ‘Jack Robinson’ (as my father would say) we are talking endlessly about God and how He constantly amazes us. Yesterday, Francesca asked me,"How did it all come together for you?" And I stared at her because I often ask myself the same question. So, I just said,"I don't know…I cannot describe it. It has grown beyond words. I just know this is where I belong."

I've learned that to give God absolute control, is to keep myself from losing my mind. He is willing to make every decision for us, every choice for us…even a choice as trivial as what I would wear each day; I’d give to Him ;-)

‘Greater Is He…That Is In Us...’

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Future Is Now...

To put it plainly...the future IS in our face.

MI’s maxim captures it his way…'If you are still sitting down, you are on a looooong thing!’ (And yup, he's the one right behind us ;-)

I say, if there's still an individual dragging his/her ‘feet’ about 'doing something'…today… be prepared to settle for whatever is left of this new uprising.

The Future Awards held at the Muson, Lagos City last night was amazingly impressive and inspiring. Packed with the boundary-breaking youngsters of Nigeria, it was an absolute eye-opener.

The opening speech delivered by Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director World Bank, was stirring. She passionately spoke about how the youth should ‘control’ the country. She urged us to stop blaming our leaders; instead we must take the bull-by-the-horn and change all that we can. This key-note address was followed by great performances by rising artistes.

For me, I was particularly struck by 18 year-old, Wiz kid…he just has that swagger; soft-spoken and not trying to come off older than he is, which you hardly find these days, really ;-) Well, he was my favorite.

On the whole, it was a star-studded night. People did come out. The whole room shone with stars in their own right. Everyone was gingered. For me, it was like I just came out of an empowering class...And yes, I'll share what I learned; we could never go wrong when we truly 'stick together'…when we come together to celebrate and inspire one another; it just makes life more beautiful and momentous.

I must say to the team behind this 'breath of fresh air'; you three…Chude, Emilia and Debola… have given us a clear glimpse into the future of Nigeria. Thank you.

Btw, I’m thrilled I caught up with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Gotta love her. She’s so calm from inside out. For me, since Chinua Achebe, no one tells the (her)story of Eastern Nigeria better than this woman.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board

I was scared of my sudden resolve. All this time, I had been brewing this very decision. Most importantly, I needed to know from whence it was coming. Since the first day of this year, I have been excited about something I don’t quite understand. Now after a full month of nervously biting my nails and conveniently sweeping my thoughts under the carpet in my head, something shoves me in the direction I’d been evading… It was time.

Time to walk away from the comfort zones, time to be finished with fear, time to embrace the unknown… time to say ‘goodbye’ to conformity and ‘hello!’ to God’s fantastically orchestrated plan. It is time.

Now, I am back to the drawing board. With my amazing tutor {God}, I’m learning so much that gets me giddy every day. This is the first time in my life that I have allowed Him to catch me alone; away from the chaos of everyday life, the muddled voice of the world… utterly alone. Finally, His Voice Rules. Now I know that when there’s so much going on in our heads and around us, there’s hardly ever a time we’d let God say a word or two… no wonder we never hear from Him.

When I wrote in my last post, ‘there’s no telling what amazement tomorrow will bring…’, I didn’t even know how much meant it. Today, I am not afraid to say that I will let God do with/for me as He pleases… Hence, wherever you see me smiling with my ‘goatly-arranged’ set of teeth, know that He led me there…