Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cross-Over

It’s the 14th day of the New Year and I am still taking inventory. Last year started off uncertain. I don’t even remember saying my prayers before midnight…I was just limply waiting for the clock to hit 00:00, so I could wish everyone else well. What I mentally prepared for, was exactly what I got. Five months went by in 2009, and for me nothing happened, instead life got even more droning. But somewhere inside of me a seed was taking root.

Sometime in April, I changed. Everything was still the same; same city, same job, same friends, same family, same dreams…but I was different. It felt like I was being groomed by something I couldn’t quite understand. For a long time, I tried to figure it out. It wasn’t until after months, that I knew it was Him. It was God. He was teaching me. I hearkened my ears and heart to Him, and I learned two great lessons; to get myself out of a ‘box’ I had stopped fitting into and also to cease to put my blessings way before me. So, since then I have been taking inventory.

Now, a mind-blowing ‘09 later, I dwell in bliss and a life-view I never knew existed. I learnt that God has given us three vessels from which we can pull whenever we feel we are running out. This is why I am spending more time searching every inch of me for what exactly my three vessels are… I want to use everything I've got.

Today, I am a reporter for a widely-read magazine. There’s no telling what amazement tomorrow will bring… I am still taking inventory.